Sustaining Quality

Using biodynamic principles, Tumblong Hills vigneron Simon Robertson is creating a sustainable future in a region rich with an historic past. Back in the late 1980s, Vigneron Simon Robertson attended the annual Biodynamics conference held at Linton Greenwoods orchard outside of Shepparton in Victoria. There, the knowledge of soil structure...
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Jack of all terroirs

Simon Robertson of Tumblong Hills is a second generation pioneering vigneron with a reputation for harnessing terroir. As a child, Simon Robertson remembers, he says, “Siphoning wine from barrel to flagons in the cellar under the Barwang house with my family.” His father Peter established Barwang Winery in the Hilltops...
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The roots of Aussie Shiraz

Shiraz (or Syrah depending on style) was one of the earliest varieties to be welcomed to Australia in 1832 thanks to the arrival of James Busby and his now infamous grape variety collection – and fortunately Shiraz was immediately established in some of Australia’s finest vineyards. From that moment on...
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On the world’s lips – Cabernet Sauvignon

Before Cabernet Sauvignon underwent DNA profiling revealing it to be the lovechild of Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc, up until the 17th Century the variety was somewhat of a chameleon. You may have enjoyed a glass of Claret or Bordeaux, talked about Petite Vidure or Bidure, or even looked across...
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Fiano: four great reasons to pour yourself a glass

It’s funny to talk about Fiano (fee-ah-no) as if it’s a new kid on the block, when it has been attracting the bees (traditionally known as Vitis Apiano ‘the vine beloved by bees’) for over 2000 years and pleasing Italian kings since the 13th Century. But in Australia, and even...
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