Tumblong Hills


“Based in Australia’s Gundagai region, influenced by European techniques and styles, and enjoying close ties with Chinese wine-lovers – Tumblong Hills represents the best of the New and Old Worlds.”

Southcorp Wines originally established the Tumblong Hills vineyard as part of the Penfold’s ‘Max Project’ with the intent to honour the legendary Max Schubert of Penfolds Grange. However, business partners Danny Gilbert, Peter Leonard and Peter Waters had a very different vision for the winery when they took over in 2009.

The trio recognised the vineyard’s unique aspect, climate and fine wine potential and so gathered together a passionate and highly experienced team, including Viticulturist and General Manager, Simon Robertson, and Winemaker, Paul Bailey.

In 2011, the Tumblong Hills family grew to include close friends of Danny Gilbert, investors Wang Junfeng and Handel Lee. This partnership has gone on to strengthen both Tumblong Hills’ presence in Australia, as well as foster a strong relationship with the Chinese premium wine market.

Today, Tumblong Hills’ exceptional range of wines is a triumph of teamwork and passion. Each wine is unmistakeably regional, exudes Old World charm and embraces the benefits of New World expertise and ingenuity.

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Simon Robertson



“Watching your most promising blocks mature and being amongst the vines on a cool, crisp harvest morning to taste the flavours as the fruit reaches its peak – what an incredible way to work.”

Simon was introduced to wine at the age of ten by his father Peter, a pioneering winemaker and viticulturist responsible for establishing the Barwang winery in the Hilltops region of New South Wales. Simon’s early love of wine led him to pursue studies in viticulture and winemaking, before heading to Europe to discover the likes of Château d’Yquem in Sauternes, France, and Tokaji in Hungary
– “…a fascinating experience that gave me the understanding that great wines are in the detail.”

After returning to Australia, Simon worked at Barwang, as his father had done, before becoming a pioneer in his own right – Simon was a sought-after consultant and contractor to some of Australia’s major wineries, established and managed his own winery, was awarded Selector magazine’s Viticulturist of the Year in 2006, worked on projects in India and Russia, and now heads up the Tumblong Hills team.

Simon has a remarkable ability to harness a vineyard’s terroir and navigate the challenges of each vintage – Tumblong Hills’ premium wines are testament to his finely-honed skills.