At Tumblong Hills, we operate on the strong belief that healthy, living soils are the backbone to creating optimal vineyard conditions for truly great wines.

We strive for a sustainable future here at Tumblong Hills, and we are making the effort in every sense of the word. Our Lean + Green bottles are nearly 30% lighter than normal wine bottles, and are more environmentally friendly, saving almost 20,000 tonnes of glass packaging a year. In addition, the bottles maximise energy and freight efficiency due to their lighter weight.

We ship our wine in Kraft Cartons, which are recyclable and degrade within a few weeks. Kraft paper includes no synthetic coatings or chemical additives, and is a great tool in our constant journey to building a sustainable future.

I have spent a lifetime in agriculture. If I didn’t respect the fundamentals of nature and the diversity that comes with that respect then I have learned nothing. Whether that diversity is in the vineyard or the packaging of our wine we should always strive to be more sustainable. I would consider what we are doing with our packaging will become the norm in the not-too-distant future.




At Tumblong Hills, we like to think of ourselves as a community within a community. A tapestry of experienced vineyard operators who have honed their craft in some of Southern NSW’s most substantial and progressive wine regions, now working towards a shared idea of creating wine.

We’re not here by accident. In conjunction with the katabatic cooling winds from the Snowy Mountains, our carefully planted vineyard sites ensure the wines of Tumblong Hills retain distinctive varietal characters, forged from the vineyard’s rich living volcanic soils, and nearness to nourishing, mountain-derived water.