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The Latest from Tumblong Hills


The roots of Aussie Shiraz

Shiraz (or Syrah depending on style) was one of the earliest varieties to be welcomed to Australia in 1832 thanks to the arrival of James Busby and his now infamous grape variety collection – and fortunately Shiraz was immediately established in some of Australia’s finest vineyards. From that moment on this deep red, juicy variety with wonderful tannins has been closely connected to our viticultural landscape…   Colonial Australia and our [...]

On the world’s lips – Cabernet Sauvignon

Before Cabernet Sauvignon underwent DNA profiling revealing it to be the lovechild of Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc, up until the 17th Century the variety was somewhat of a chameleon. You may have enjoyed a glass of Claret or Bordeaux, talked about Petite Vidure or Bidure, or even looked across a field of Uva Francese while holidaying in Italy. Yes, they are all referring to the one and only, Cab Sauv. [...]

Fresh-faced Chardonnay

Back when Donald Trump’s hair didn’t yet resemble a comb-over and Michael Jackson’s notoriety was still purely about the music, the white wine of choice in Australia was Chardonnay, always. Yes, before Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon wowed our palettes, Chardonnay in the 80s and 90s was big, bold and more often than not heavily oaked – and Australians loved it. Winemakers too were seduced by Chardonnay’s charms, particularly its versatility, adaptability [...]

Tumblong Hills


At Tumblong Hills, we like to think of ourselves as a community within a community; a tapestry of experienced vineyard operators who have honed their craft in some of southern NSW’s most substantial and progressive wine regions, now working towards a shared idea of creating wine.

The wines we make at Tumblong Hills come with a purpose – towards continuous improvement in respect of the fundamentals of nature and for the benefit of future generations.